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Project Management Webinar Series
Convenient, Affordable, Objective Training

Long acclaimed for providing expert instruction and advice, this series takes you through the stages of the research process. Learn the proper approach for each step and adopt best practices shared by expert practitioners with dozens of years of exceptional experience.


May 19
2 - 3 p.m.



Online Panel
Data Collection

May 26
2 - 3 p.m.


June 16
2 - 3 p.m.

Data Collection

July 13
2 - 3 p.m.

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$35 each or $65 for series - Part Two

$95 each or $195 for series - Part Two

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Cost Management

May 19 | 2 - 3 P.M.

In this webinar we’ll take a look at several ways researchers can manage cost and field times, and how a few subtle changes to the project lifecycle can have dramatic results during fieldwork and data collection.

Presented by:

Megan R. Miller

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Isaac Rogers
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Online Panel Data Collection

May 26 | 2 - 3 P.M.

This webinar will cover:

The benefits of online panels
  • Profiling/targeting
  • Speed
  • Survey stimuli
  • Cost
Project planning and design considerations
  • Process for getting bids
  • Online data quality processes
  • Managing global studies
  • ‘Mobile in Mind’
Project management best practices on panel studies
  • Pre-launch processes
  • In-field processes
  • Post-field processes
Presented By:

Melanie Courtright
Executive Vice President,
Products & Clients Services
Research Now
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Ted Saunders
Manager, Digital Research
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How to Effectively Interview

C-Suite Execs, Physicians and Other VIPs

June 16 | 2 - 3 p.m.

VIP's (CEO's, wealthy individuals, celebrities, doctors, etc.) have extreme qualities that can trigger strong emotional reactions in an interviewer, including awe, envy, and intimidation. These emotional reactions may trigger behavioral reactions that threaten to derail an interview. This webinar will provide tips for interviewers to manage these emotional reactions in order to stay on-task and deliver optimal insights.

Presented by:

Michael Mercier
Insightful Alliance

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Data Collection (Telephone)

July 13 | 2 - 3 P.M.

While online data collection garners much attention these days, researchers understand the critical value of telephone interviews.

Our expert practitioners delve into the components of managing a telephone study:
  • Sample Universe and Sample Source
  • Incidence (How is it calculated?)
  • Length of questionnaire
  • Incentives
  • Interviewer training
  • Status reports
  • Closure (communications at end of study/moving to tabulation)
Other issues (changes to questionnaire/sample/quota after interviewing has begun).

You'll also get expert legal advice on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Presented by:

David Dutwin
Executive Vice President
& Chief Methodologist
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Margie Strickland
Director of Advanced
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$65 Series - Part I

$195 Series - Part I

Project Management Overview
Recording - Original Webcast January 2016
What you need to know to excel at Project Management. Best practices and tips about managing a research project from beginning to end. We’ll also take a brief look at what will be covered in the sessions that follow in the series.
Presented by

Mark Shugoll
, CEO, Shugoll Research

The Art of Proposal Writing
Recording - Original Webcast January 2016
The proposal is not about you – it's about the client’s problem and how you're going to solve it. This webinar will address some best practices, including: How to contact the client What are the business issues behind the RFP? What decisions will be made as a result of this research How much is riding on these decisions? What will be the key selection criteria for the winning proposal? What is the anticipated budget?

Lisa Cooper
Senior Vice President, RTi Research
Michael Imperatrice
, Vice President, RTi Research

Study Design & Project Conception
Recording - Original Webcast February 2016
A strong foundation is critical to any structure. Get off to an effective start on your research project with these basic building blocks: How to question your client, designing the research study against client objectives, reviewing sample sizes, selecting a data collection method, and building a flexible schedule. We will also cover the challenges you may face with difficulty in completing interviews due to incidence, sample ineffectiveness, and time of year, as well as programming, tabulation and coding challenges.

Anne Aldrich
, Founding Partner, Artemis Strategy Group
Kevin Menk
, Managing Partner Strategic Resource Partners, LLC

Project Development & Questionnaire Design
Recording - Original Webcast February 2016

To ensure your survey can deliver upon the research objectives it must address the proper core metrics, such as awareness, attitudes, and motivation, but also should include ones that build business knowledge and support decision making. The scope, order and wording of the questionnaire is critical. Our expert practitioners will discuss commonly used types of questions and alternative scales, and questions you can ask your clients to construct relevant questionnaires. Understand how to make questions clear, answerable, easy and unbiased. Receive guidelines for the three most common tasks we ask of respondents: selecting items from a list, rating items on a scale and answering open-ended questions. Get tips on how to properly pretest a questionnaire.
Anne Gammon, Associate Director,YouGov
David F. Harris, Research Efficiency & Questionnaire Design Expert

About Our Presenters

Online Panel Data Collection

Melanie Courtright, Executive Vice President, Products and Client Services, Research Now
Researcher, speaker, inventor, and expert methodologist, Melanie is passionate about research sampling, quality, and research on research initiatives including product development and testing. Melanie has nearly two decades of experience designing, executing, and interpreting research for agencies and corporations, and is sought out for her thought leadership in the next generation of data collection. Melanie spent over a decade at a full-service research firm in Dallas, Texas, where she developed her strong research background, followed by nearly a decade specializing in digital research of all forms, including online, mobile, and social. Melanie has recently focused on data layering and multi -mode initiatives, assisting clients in how to use emerging data streams to create 360-degree views of a population. Melanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, is a member of global research councils and quality task forces, and serves on the boards of several industry associations.

Ted Saunders
, Manger, Digital Research, MaritzCX
Ted has been involved in all aspects of online and mobile quantitative and qualitative research in his seven years at Maritz. He has led several mobile initiatives and is frequently relied upon for his expertise in all aspects of mobile data collection including mobile web, SMS, native apps and other emerging technologies. Ted has presented the results of Maritz mobile research-on-research projects at the CASRO Technology Conference, The Market Research Event, the AAPOR Annual Conference, and to members of the American Marketing Association. He received an MBA from Washington University and a BSBA from Saint Louis University.

Cost Management
Megan R. Miller, Deltek
Megan is on the product management team at Deltek responsible for helping customers use the best solutions to reach their goals. She manages customer communication, industry trends and much more. She has more than 10 years of practical experience in the professional services industry, having served as a marketing and business development coordinator for a mid-sized firm. She understands the needs of professional services firms and project-based organizations and actively works to identify and share trends to help firms improve and grow their businesses.

Isaac Rogers
, CEO, 20/20
Isaac is CEO at 20|20, a global provider of online qualitative technology, respondent recruitment, and project support services. Previously, Isaac served as 20|20’s Chief Innovation Officer, and was responsible for product strategy and development. In just the past few years, Isaac has been instrumental in the launch of the world’s first global translation solution for online research and filed three patents with the USPTO. Isaac is a regular presenter at industry conferences and events, and his articles appear frequently in leading industry publications. Prior to joining 20|20, Isaac’s career included roles in business intelligence consulting, e-commerce, and government technology contracting. Isaac holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Data Collection (Telephone)

David Dutwin, Executive Vice President, Products and Chief Methodologist, SSRS
David's primary responsibilities include sampling designs, project management, executive oversight, weighting and statistical estimation. David is an active member of the survey research community, having served in the American Association for Public Opinion Research as a member and a chair of special task forces, a member of the Standards, Communications, and Heritage Committees, teaching multiple short courses and webinars, and as the Student Paper winner of 2002. He was elected to the AAPOR Executive Council in 2013 and serves as the 2016 Conference Chair. David is a Senior Fellow with the Program for Opinion Research and Election Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He attained his Bachelors in Political Science and Communication from the University of Pittsburgh, a Masters of Communication from the University of Washington and his doctorate in Communication and Public Opinion from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania. For over a decade he has taught Research Methods, Rhetorical Theory, Media Effects and other courses as an Adjunct Professor at West Chester University and the University of Pennsylvania. David is also a Research Scholar at the Institute for Jewish and Community Research. His publications are wide-ranging, including a 2008 book on media effects and parenting; methodology articles for Survey Practice, the MRA magazine Alert!, and other publications; and a range of client reports, most recently on Hispanic acceptance of LGBT, which he presented to a Congressional briefing in 2012.

Margie Strickland
, Director of Advanced Methods, SSRS
Margie is an innovative measurement scientist specifically in the areas of research sampling statistics, multivariate analyses, and online community development and management. Her responsibilities here include all aspects of analytics and design focusing on sampling and weighting across all platforms, maintaining quality panel development of the probability panel, and measurement/multivariate analyses. With close to twenty years’ experience in market research, Margie has vast experience in all research areas from advanced analytics to market research projects, from survey and tabulations programming to multivariate analysis and questionnaire design and report writing. Most of her current work has been concentrated on sampling designs, survey and questionnaire development and survey designs, research methodologies and client focus, population estimates, weighting, recruitment strategies, panel management, and both sampling and multivariate statistics (cluster analysis, concept testing, A/B testing, factor analysis, conjoint analysis and discrete choice analysis). Throughout it all she has remained motivated and determined to deliver the utmost quality research based on the client’s specific needs. She has held previous roles at Symphony Advanced Media, TNS, and GfK. She received both her Master’s in Educational Statistics and Measurement and her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

VIP Q&A: How to Effectively Interview C-Suite Execs, Physicians and Other VIPs

Michael Mercier, President, Insightful Alliance
Michael has experience in a variety of industries, including education, athletic wear, publishing, healthcare, financial services, and tech, among others. He is a former Technology Editor for QRCA's "Views Magazine", and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, an MS in MIS from the University of Cincinnati, and a BA in Psychology from Vassar College.