These instructions are provided to obtain full revenue details for ranking purposes and a complete profile of your company for publication in AMA’s Marketing News, June 2016. Your company data and profile will be kept confidential and securely protected.

Guideline 1.


Name of Organization: Name of company as the CEO would like it to be listed in the AMA Top 50 Report.

U.S. Headquarters: City and State.

Other U.S. Subsidiaries
: Include the names and locations of U.S. subsidiaries, units, or divisions of your company.

Year Founded: The year the company was founded.

Website: The company’s website address.

U.S. Full-Time Employees
: Total number of U.S.-only full-time employees at the end of 2015. Include full-time U.S. employees at subsidiaries, in which you have majority interest (at least 50.1%) at the end of 2015. FTE (full-time equivalents) are acceptable.

Guideline 2.


Please provide a profile of your company—approximately 325 words, including your products and services, markets served, and geographic coverage. The Profile should focus on your major activities and accomplishments in 2015 and your plans and activities in 2016.

Please be specific, detailed, and metric-oriented. Describe your products and services in terms of what they are, how they work (methods) and outcomes. No marketing, selling or hype, please—it will be removed.

You can review last year’s report and company profiles here – 2015 AMA Gold Top 50 Report. All profiles will be subject to editing.

Guideline 3.


Name, title, education of Chief Executive(s): Please provide the name(s) of your company’s chief executive officer(s), including title, and education (highest academic degree attained and school that conferred that degree).

Photograph(s): Please upload JPEG, TIFF, or eps files a digital image, head-shot photo of your company’s chief executive(s). Black & white is preferred, but color is OK. Please keep the background simple and neutral. Minimum requirements are 300 dots per inch and images should be at least 2 inches in width. Please include the executive’s name, title, as well as the company name.

Caution: Please do not send images from websites or PowerPoint format, or Polaroid, laser prints, or passport photos. Also, please do not send in wedding photos or casual party shots.

[For companies included in last year’s Top 50 Report: Please indicate if you would like us to use last year’s photo(s).]

Guideline 4.


U.S. Research Revenue: Please provide your company’s U.S.-only market research revenue (in US $) for 2015 and for 2014.

Research Revenue Earned Outside the U.S.: Please provide your company’s 2015 and 2014 market research revenue (in US $) for any work or projects conducted outside the U.S., including subsidiaries, etc. as noted below.

Revenue should be based on the calendar year and delivered (accrual basis) as reported on your financial statements. If you use a non-calendar fiscal year, please re-calculate your revenue to calendar year. Revenue should be reported on an actual dollar basis, neither restated nor on a constant currency basis. Net out intercompany transfers to eliminate double counting.

Revenue should be based on market research activities or market research-related activities only, and:
a. Include revenue for all units, subsidiaries and divisions in which you have majority interest (50.1% or more).
b. Exclude revenue from subsidiaries in which you have an interest, but NOT a majority interest.
c. Exclude revenue from non-research subsidiaries/operations.

Research Revenue from other U.S. market research companies: Please provide your company’s 2015 revenue obtained from other U.S. market research companies. This is confidential and will be used to eliminate double-counting when estimating the total size of the U.S. research industry.

Guideline 5.


The AMA TOP 50 will calculate the percent revenue change, 2015 vs. 2014. This calculation is adjusted to remove the effect of revenue gains or losses generated by acquisitions or divestitures.

If acquisitions or divestitures occurred in your company any time in either 2015 or 2014, please provide:
1. the name of the company that was acquired or divested,
2. whether it was an acquisition or a divestiture,
3. the date of each acquisition/divestiture,
4. your company’s total U.S.-only revenue before each acquisition/divestiture in that year, and
5. your company’s total U.S.-only revenue after each acquisition/divestiture in that year.
If you had more than one acquisition/divestiture, please complete and upload the "Additional Acquisitions or Divestitures” form.

Guideline 6.


Third-party verification is required for AMA Top 50 ranking.

1. If you are a publicly-listed company, please provide a copy of your latest annual report or 10-K when available.

2. If you are a privately-held company, provide:
a. name of your accounting firm
b. person handling your account
c. e-mail address
d. telephone number
3. If you are a subsidiary of another company, provide:
a. name of your parent company
b. name of parent company’s Chief Financial Officer
c. e-mail address
d. telephone number

Guideline 7.


Please complete the "Revenue by Industry” form, indicating the $ amount of your company’s 2015 U.S. research revenue attributable by industry. If you aren’t certain about the dollar amount, please estimate the percent of total revenue attributable by industry.

NOTE: Individual company responses to this question will not be disclosed. Only aggregated data from all companies will be published.


Your company’s Top 50 submission will be kept confidential and security protected. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Bowers, President, CASRO, at or call Diane at 631.928.6954 ext. 2 Thank you.