Some thoughts on recently held conferences around the globe
by Andrew Cannon

"As I mentioned in my introduction to this newsletter I had the pleasure of
attending both the CASRO Digital Conference and the MRS Annual Conference,
and thought that the keynote speakers and expert presentations at both
conferences were of a very high standard indeed. Whilst, I won’t bore you
with a full report on the conferences I would like to highlight a few points…

At the CASRO Digital Conference Valerie Lykes from JD Power and Kristin
Cavallaro from SSI presented a paper on "Implications of Privacy Concerns
on Consumer Behavior and Market Research”, which nicely dovetailed with the research GRBN conducted last year with Research Now on Trust & Personal Data, and helps keep our industry’s
focus on this extremely important issue. Of particular relevance to our sector is their finding that many
people, especially young people, frequently provide false information on-line. I listened to fascinating
presentations on data quality, and was reminded of the importance of "getting the basic rights”, in
addition to the importance of embracing new technology and new techniques. In particular I was
reminded of the importance of allowing for device agnosticism when designing research projects,
and whilst our industry faces challenges in delivering high quality data and insights in a timely many,
with competitive prices and good margins, there is a lot of great work being done by a lot of talented
people to tackle these challenges. On a more-lighted hearted note, the Conference also allowed for
great networking and I was impressed by the quality and diversity of country music to be heard along
just one street in Nashville!

At the MRS Annual Conference, I was particularly impressed by the key note speakers, especially the
opening keynote by Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman and his point of view on sustainability. His comment
that "research is more important than ever in 2015” was music to our industry’s ears, whilst his comment
that we are "living in world long on words and short on actions” was to me a warning sign that our industry
must not fall into the same trap with respect to building trust with the public. The buzz at the conference
during every break, confirmed to me, how thought-provoking the attendees found all the sessions.
During the conference, there was also an excellent session on data protection and privacy, during which the
MRS Delphi report, titled "Private Lives” was launched. The report makes fascinating reading and you
can access it here.” 

In March, GRBN also partnered with GreenBook on the IIeX Europe event in Amsterdam, giving a presentation on the Trust & Personal Data Survey, as well as running an interactive session on Building Trust. The GRBN track was rounded off by presentations and a panel on the Future of Research: Clients, growth and associations,
featuring Bart Nauta , MOA Chairman, Debrah Harding, MRS Managing Director, and Jan Zwang, Senior
Manager Market Insights, Vodafone. IIeX Europe showcased some of the great innovation happening in
the industry, and Debrah wrote a blog about the event, which you can read here.


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May 13 & 20 – MRS webinar: International Research
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