Congratulations on your company’s

ISO 20252, 26362 or 27001 certification!

This is quite an accomplishment and not one that should go unnoticed.
So, don’t be shy – shout about it!

Spreading the Good Word

Start from the inside - Share the news with ALL staff – via personal e-mail, e-newsletters, intranet, a flier on the break room wall – whatever will get noticed. Celebrate it! You could even throw an office party or announce an incentive plan tied to compliance. Be sure everyone understands what was involved to get this credential, why it is important to the company, and encourage them to tell their contacts including both clients and partners.

Expanding the Circle
Once everyone in-house is up to speed, it’s time to fire up the skywriter. Or you could try these things first…
  • Use the CIRQ Certification Seal on print materials such as stationary, business cards, and sales literature.
  • Craft a press release and send to industry and regional media outlets. This press release template can help. Be sure to specify the scope of your certification - the specific office locations and the services audited. We ask that you please share with us the text of such releases as correct wording can get tricky as you will note below
  • Post the news on your website
  • Send an e-mail or postal letter from your president or CEO to clients and business partners
  • As a follow-up to the initial announcement, write an article in your company newsletter; consider a Q&A with the person(s) responsible for helping your company through the process
  • Display your certificate in a prominent location, such as your building’s lobby.
  • Create a page on your company’s website dedicated to your management/quality system and its certification. Include an electronic copy of your certificate, which can be downloaded by customers and suppliers.

    See samples of how some certified companies feature this on their site.
  • Remember: it is a requirement of the standard to indicate your designation and/or that your are operating in compliance with the standard(s) in all proposals, cost quotations and reports.
  • Tweet about it! Since you’re limited to just 140 characters, it pays to include a link to your press release or dedicated webpage. Include @CIRQ and we’ll be sure to re-tweet it to our followers.
  • Post the news on your LinkedIn page; Facebook it and share via other social media platforms.
  • Feature news of your certification in a special ad
  • Include the CIRQ Seal in all print advertisements. Here is an example.
  • Include the CIRQ Seal in web banner ads. These may be placed on industry media sites such as Greenbook, Quirk’s, DRNO, the associations to which your company belongs and CASRO Connections of course!
  • Include mention in e-mail signatures – this could be standardized throughout the company and include a link to your ISO info webpage
  • If your company exhibits at industry conferences/trade shows, there are ample opportunities to include mention – on booth graphics, tabletop signs, information sheets, etc.
  • Organize an open house or reception in recognition of your achievement and invite VIP customers and business partners
  • Reward your employees for their effort with promotional items (t-shirts, mugs, etc.) imprinted with your company’s logo and text such as "An ISO 26362-Registered Company.”
  • Be sure to participate in the CIRQ ad campaign. For a fraction of the cost of a full-page print ad in just one publication, your company’s logo will be featured in this ad promoting the value of ISO certification across the market research industry.
Some Cautionary Notes

ISO expressly prohibits use of its logo by registrars or certified companies. That’s why we have provided you with the CIRQ Certification Seal. Placement of the certification mark in advertisements, etc. should not be misunderstood to imply product endorsement. Your management/quality system has been certified, not your product or service. CIRQ would be pleased to review any materials prior to publication if you have any questions or concerns.

Be sure to use correct terminology: It’s not simply "ISO certification” – You must include the specific Standard, for example: ISO 26362 certification. There are thousands of ISO standards, so you must be specific.

Accreditation, certification, registration – what’s the difference?

Accreditation is the approval of a certification body, in this case the CASRO Institute of Research Quality. As the certified organization, you cannot say you are accredited, because it is your registrar that holds the accreditation.

It is safe to say that your firm has been "certified” or "registered” by CIRQ.

Tell us about it…
If you choose to mention CIRQ in any of your public announcements, please let us know before you publish it.

We have provided the CIRQ Certification Seal to you in various formats. You also will receive a certificate by email or postal mail. If you need additional hard copies/files, please let us know.

Promoting your certification helps you stand out from your competition. It also raises awareness of the importance of quality research practices and your company’s specific investment in performing its work in a proper, efficient manner. Your promotion of ISO market research standards helps CIRQ as well. We appreciate your efforts and are here to assist you in any way we can.