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Tuesday, July 31, 2012  
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First global network connecting national market, social and opinion research associations launched

 News Release/March 1, 2012 — The world’s three regional alliances of national research associations — APRC (Asia Pacific Research Committee), EFAMRO (European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations), and ARIA (Americas Research Industry Alliance) have joined together to create the Global Research Business Network.

The business of market research has become increasing borderless. Consumer opinions can be collected anywhere in the world, from any data or mobile server. Until now, with the creation of GRBN, the Global Research Business Network, there has been no effective way to facilitate and encourage adherence to worldwide ethical research practices.

National research associations play a vital role in encouraging, representing and regulating research businesses. The Global Research Business Network was created to support national associations as they continue to work for their members in issues that have global impact—issues such as data privacy, personal identity protection, regulatory compliance and process quality. Together, APRC, ARIA and EFAMRO represent 25 national associations and more than 2500 research businesses. More than US$24.6 billion (€18.54 billion) in annual research revenues (turnover) are represented by these businesses.

The Global Research Business Network will be co-directed by Peter Harris of APRC, Alex Garnica of ARIA and Barry Ryan of EFAMRO. A core principle of the Network is recognition of the role of national associations in representing the best interests of their members. GRBN will provide national associations and their members with shared development opportunities such as conferences, leadership seminars and networking opportunities. The Network will facilitate sharing of information that will benefit research business leaders as they continue to expand their global presence. Finally, GRBN will compile and publish common research standards and guidelines to continue to promote and protect the business of research regardless of country of origin.

Stig Holmer, EFAMRO President, comments "The business of research is facing risks on a number of fronts. Research organisations and their national associations should not have to face these difficulties alone. The Global Research Business Network will be an international community of research businesses and their leaders dedicated to the best interests of our sector.”

Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade, President of ABEP (Brazilian national association) and a board member of ARIA, comments "Research businesses need and deserve strong voices at every level, locally, nationally, regionally and globally. The Global Research Business Network will ensure that our activities will be co-ordinated and informed by the experience gained by individuals, companies and associations, in three major federations.”

Norio Taori, APRC Chair and CEO of INTAGE Group comments "The Global Research Business Network will provide invaluable support to new and developing associations. It will help develop autonomous associations committed to a relationship of respect and mutual assistance.”

The Global Research Business Network will be launched at a Leadership Lunch in London (UK) on 20 March 2012 and members will participate in a dedicated session at the ARIA/CASRO Global Research Conference to be hosted in Miami, Florida (USA) on April 18 and 19, 2012

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More information on the Global Research Business Network is available from

The European Federation of Associations of Market Research Organisations (EFAMRO) is the European federation of market, social and opinion research agency trade associations — the voice of the European market research sector. EFAMRO was founded in 1992. EFAMRO's mission is to: influence legislation and public opinion in favour of research; promote best practice; enforce compliance with the principles of international standards; advise the European research industry; and publish information about the European research

The Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) was setup in April 2009 as a result of common interests among the national marketing research associations in Australia, China, Japan and Korea. It has since grown to a committee of eight marketing research associations with the addition of Thailand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia. The APRC is now positioned as the prime network for exchanging information and knowledge on marketing research and related industries between the associations and societies in the Asia Pacific region.

ARIA was established in July, 2010 to support and improve the business and integrity of market, opinion, and social research in the Americas. Among the major issues that ARIA will focus on are standards and guidelines, education, self regulation, emerging technologies, business management and development, and relationships with clients and research participants.

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