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CASRO Announces ISO 20252, 26362 Auditing, Certification Services

Tuesday, May 18, 2010  
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CASRO Announces ISO 20252, 26362 Auditing, Certification Services
First North American-Based Group To Provide Pathway To ISO Research Standards Certification

CASRO is pleased to announce the establishment of CIRQ (CASRO Institute for Research Quality), the first US-based certification body for ISO market, opinion, and social research process standards. CIRQ, an independent, non-profit subsidiary of CASRO, will offer auditing and certification services to members and other research companies that wish to adopt ISO 20252 or ISO 26362 standards within their business operations.

For the past six years CASRO has served as the U.S. delegate to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee, representing about 25 countries worldwide, that developed process quality standards specifically for market, opinion, and social research. ISO 20252 establishes globally-recognized terms, definitions, and service requirements for project management in research organizations. ISO 26362 provides standards provisions specific to research access panels.

Process standards outlined in ISO 20252 and 26362 are designed to produce transparent, consistent, well-documented and error-free methods of conducting and managing research projects and access panels. Adherence and certification to such standards provides documented and verified evidence to clients and other constituencies that the work produced is being executed with quality processes and controls in place. Implementation of these ISO standards improves an organization's productivity and efficiency by creating clear lines of accountability, reducing errors and rework, shortening cycle times, and reducing costs.

"Our Board unanimously agreed that CASRO, as the authority on research business leadership in the US and global industry, should establish US-based services relating to these globally-recognized ISO credentials," stated Diane K. Bowers, President of CASRO. "These new services are in line with our mission to help member companies improve their businesses and expand their presence internationally."
CASRO has developed educational and informational services relating to ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 to support research businesses that wish to pursue certification. These services include templates, documents, guidelines, audit preparation tools and training webinars, and other guidance for developing internal corporate quality programs.

CIRQ has been established in compliance with ISO guidelines for certification bodies that provide auditing and certification services. In order to conform to its mandate of objective and impartial audits to these ISO standards, CIRQ is independently operated and managed under the oversight of an Advisory Board and submits to annual moderation by external authorities on ISO certification bodies.
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