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FRAUD ALERT - “Fake Check / Mystery Shopper Scam”

Wednesday, November 3, 2010  
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FRAUD ALERT - "Fake Check / Mystery Shopper Scam”

If you have received a letter and check from a company claiming to be "a member of American Survey Research Org.” and using CASRO's address, beware - this is a scam. The check is not real. It is a pretense to get you to send these scam artists your own money through Western Union or Money Gram. Often these letters claim that you can earn money by being a "mystery shopper”. Your assignment is to report your customer experience when utilizing the wire transfer services located at Wal-Mart, Target, or another retailer. The money you will be wiring is your own, as the bogus check they sent you is not real. You may in fact incur additional fees from your bank, along with losing the money you have wired.

These scammers are NOT members of CASRO, have no connection to our organization or to any of our members, and have nothing to do with legitimate, professional survey research. Contact your local postal inspector to report this mail fraud.

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