2011 Management Conference
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Chris X. Moloney, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC also provided insight into client-side issues and noted the value of utilizing research findings to enhance public relations efforts.

Robert Moran, President, US at StrategyOne. provided plenty of fodder for contemplation and discussion by providing many compelling potential scenarios in "The Futures of Market Research".

During the panel discussion with chief execs entitled, "Strategy & Tactics for Company Leaders", it became apparent that the recent recession actually helped companies in some areas. "In many respects we're a stronger firm now than before the downturn," noted David Haynes, CEO of Opinionology. "Tough cuts were made and a lot of risk was removed from the system, but now is a great time to take calculated risk," he said. There was also great talent available for hire during the past two years, observed David Shanker, President, IPSOS Observer. Ipsos has made efforts recently to invest in its people by reinventing its training program, assigning mentors, and implementing a quarterly employee satisfaction program, he said.

CASRO appreciates the support of the event's co-sponsors, Ocucom and Mindfield, and thanks the Conference Committee for their considerable work:

Rahul Sahgal, President & CEO
Annik Technology Services
Conference Co-Chair

Tyler McMullen, President
MarketVision Research
Conference Co-Chair

Beth Rounds, Partner
Cambiar L.L.C.


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