2013 Technology Conference Program
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"Solutions for Your Research and Your Business”

May 29 & 30, 2013 | Millennium Broadway, New York

As the pace of change accelerates across an expanding spectrum of platforms, technologists in the market research industry are hard-pressed to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why industry professionals rely on the CASRO Technology Conference to learn how to implement the latest, most effective technologies in the market research space.

For nearly two decades this event has been broadly acclaimed for featuring detailed explanations and demonstrations of real world solutions and collaboration among companies.

An industry-wide "Call for Papers" has resulted in fresh ideas, novel approaches and new topics.

Presentations demonstrate practical applications put into production and impartial assessments of emerging technologies that impact important IT, research and business issues, including the following:

– We now live in an "everything is mobile” world where it’s essential to deliver the complete market research value chain (from data collection to delivery) on mobile devices. Given all the technology surrounding "mobile”, has a state of "mobile confusion” set in? How should we deliver mobile content, develop web content or native mobile applications targeted at specific mobile platforms? How can mobile devices be used for respondent engagement? How can we deliver reporting and dashboards ready for mobile computing devices? How can mobile technology be applied to emerging markets and extend the reach of today's online research?

Big Data– Despite all the chatter, "Big Data” remains a rather abstract topic in the market research industry. However there are real and concerted efforts to take primary market research, leverage customer transactional and behavioral data and build advanced analytic models to drive business decisions. Is the Market Research industry missing an opportunity here? What ways are there to collect, store, and extract value from the ever-increasing volume of customer-related information? What tools, techniques and systems are effective in analyzing big data? Can traditional data management tools suffice?

Text Analytics– The inundation of consumer-generated content gleaned from social network sites, Social CRM applications and MROCs has resulted in wave upon wave of text analytics solutions. Have advances in technology had an impact on the analysis of unstructured data? What are new ways to apply text analytics? Which are the best text analytics solutions and what do they actually do? How do we effectively present unstructured information to clients?

Gamified Surveys
– Engaging respondents, especially those within younger demographics, continues to be a challenge. The use of games to motivate survey takers has shown promise. What game mechanics work best? Can conducting surveys utilizing gaming techniques produce better results or enhance the data collected? What technology innovations are required? Can traditional data collection systems support this type of research? 

Panels and Communities
– Panels have been a part of market research for many years and market research online communities have become established as well. Times are changing, but are the tools and techniques associated with panels and communities keeping pace? What are some of the new technologies and techniques used to create and manage panels and MROCs? Is creating a community an "umbrella” for conducting longitudinal market research programs? 

Biometrics and Neuroscience – Eye tracking and facial coding are just two examples of these observational techniques that are gaining a foothold in market research. How is such data collected, analyzed and reported? What are the technologies behind this research? What is the research behind this research? Where or when does this method fit into comprehensive market research program?

Value of Technology – How has technology impacted business today – not just in terms of cost savings, but as a business driver in creating value? Is technology enabling business to get more value out of research? Is there a formal IT measurement framework to measure the value of technology or the ROI from technology initiatives?

Data Visualization and Storytelling – The ability to bring data to life by weaving different concepts into a story and explaining the big picture to senior decision-makers is what our clients need. Typically we generate dull PowerPoint decks to deliver our results. Are there data visualization tools to help engage our audience? Are online reporting dashboards sufficient to communicate results?

DIY Research – More and more clients are asking for quick DIY research. How can we integrate such functionality into a full service offering? What technologies are needed to include quick polls in a research program? What are the pros and cons in allowing DIY research?

Technology Trends and Emerging Technologies
– In addition to the topics listed above, we welcome contributions that introduce and demonstrate new ideas and technologies that are relevant to market research. Topics may include federated cloud computing, ethnographies, technology for emerging markets, intellectual property (IP) rights, compliance and Security (ISO, SOC 2, etc.), developing green IT organizations, or new tools and techniques that can help reduce costs or improve quality.

CASRO Technology Conference Committee:

Tony DiPonio, Senior Vice President, Information Systems, Market Strategies International; Chair
Hugh Davis, Managing Director, reInvention
Kristin Luck, President, Decipher
Tim Macer, Managing Director, meaning limited
Patrick Panzenboeck, Senior Vice President - Information Technology, C+R Research
Christian Super, Technology Catalyst, Ipsos 
Michael Webster, Vice President, Technology, Burke, Inc.
Frank Petruzzo, Vice President, Operations, CASRO

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