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With headquarters in Singapore and additional offices in London, New York, Dubai and India, Agility Research & Strategy provides market research services globally for clients seeking the opinions of high net worth individuals. Agility backs its claim of being "Fluent on the Affluent™” with an experienced team of consultants from numerous nationalities who possess knowledge of market research, brands, and the cultural nuances that exist in its various markets.

To find out a bit more about this new CASRO member company, we posed several questions. Here’s how they responded:

Amrita Banta founded
Agility in August, 2011

How does Agility go about accessing the opinions of affluent consumers in various markets?

To access the opinions and thoughts of affluent consumers, Agility employs various recruitment methods. We gain access to hard-to-reach respondents via arrangements with specific airlines, credit cards, country clubs and high-end/luxury memberships, etc. The result is a large panel of high net worth individuals. Something that is very important here is not to over-use participants – hence, our database is constantly refreshed, reviewed and updated to ensure the quality of our respondents.

From a market research standpoint, how are affluent people different from other respondents?

The affluent undertake a path to purchase not dissimilar to other consumers. However, how they see brands and how they relate with these brands are different in that they are far more discerning and demanding. The company’s Agility Affluent Suite™ is aimed at understanding the affluent’s path towards a purchase, while complementary services seek to uncover potential levers that can tilt the choice towards our clients’ brands. Proprietary research, "the Agility Affluent Syndicated Studies” seek to continuously measure the pulse of the affluent and their views about luxury and the world in general.

Agility breaks income levels into five categories. The two "premium” segments at the bottom of the chart tend to have a global consistency, while the three affluent respondent types are selected based on the income of their respective countries.

Mass Affluent

Top 60% of income


Top 40% of income

Prime Affluent

Top 20% of income

High Net Worth

AUM* 10 million

Ultra High Net Worth

AUM 30 million +

*AUM = Assets Under Management

How does data collection differ in Asia compared to other global markets?

There are many cultural nuances across the Asia markets. Agility's team of researchers and consultants come from over a dozen nationalities, so they are very much in tune with the cultural aspects of these diverse markets. In short, we speak the same language. Whether it is our online panel, street intercepts in Jakarta,Indonesia, IDIS in Shenzen, China, focus groups in New Delhi, India, we use our own moderators and tools to engage with respondents.In terms of methodology, we tend to work in the comfort zones of our respondent. We use a mix of mobile, online, telephone and most importantly F2F to reach these specialized target groups.

What Asian countries are consumer brands targeting the most?

For most brands, there currently is a huge opportunity in Asia - primarily the Chinese market as well as the Southeast Asian markets and India. This is a function of the growing population, but also of the growing affluent middle class and evolving purchase habits and brand loyalty. India is also of importance to many premium brands, again as a result of the growing consumption in these wealthy, ‘emergent’ markets. Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and even some of the Middle East markets like Dubai, are important in terms of consumption,but also as a hub for brands. We have helped many premium brands understand consumers in these markets and sharpen their marketing strategies.

What industries are the most active in market research to the affluent Asian market?

Any brand, whether it be Coca Cola that has its premium beverage Vitamin Water, to Coach, which sells their handbags, are active in Asia. Our clients span fashion brands, cosmetics, jewellery, automobiles, retail, consumer goods, hospitality and travel, private financial institutions and banks. We also work with companies in media, as well as beverages, alcohol and gaming.

Where are your customers based? Has this been shifting?

Our customers are based around the globe with their core interest being Asia Pacific. A large number of our clients come from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, the US and Europe. A shift that we have seen is that an increasing number of firms/organizations in the USA and Europe have turned their focus to Asia.

What do you consider the biggest challenges in securing respondents (regardless of data collection mode)? How are you addressing them?

Recruitment is always the most challenging part of getting respondents, so we take great effort to retain and maintain our panels. Through the use of well-considered partnerships and our own initiatives we are able to target based on income, on ownership (vehicular, property, etc.) on purchase or purchase intention. This has been through heavy investment in our panels and databases; we have partnerships with some very specialized organizations as well as others such as frequent flyer programs.

Executive discussion at headquarters office, Singapore.

What makes your company unique compared to your competitors?

First and foremost it is our focus on the Affluent and Mass Affluent consumers across the Asia Pacific. Second is our respondent reach and panel that covers these people. We are able to target and recruit participants on a range of interesting criteria: income, ownership, purchase intention or purchase made – we are able to recruit based on our client’s needs. We also set ourselves apart from other MR firms in that we have a range of ways to support our clients. We provide strategy consultation, which we do for large MNC’s and eventually design research which fits and confirms strategy. Finally, Agility distinguishes itself in its client servicing and quality of delivery. We believe in quick, agile, accurate turnarounds on quotes, questions and projects. We deliver nothing but the best in data and insights to our clients, which translates to our client retention being a point of pride.

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