36th Annual Conference, Palm Beach Recap
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A four-week paid sabbatical, back massages, and other tantalizing employee benefits were mentioned during "Powered by People: Fueling the Ultimate Engine of Growth," a discussion on corporate culture, moderated by Diane Hessan, president and CEO of Communispace. Matthew Dusig, co-founder and CEO of uSamp Inc., John Gongos, president and CEO of Gongos Research Inc., and Jerry Haselmayer, CEO of Seek Research, were hailed for their candor and their stream of ideas on everything from the work environment to interviewing and onboarding to employee evaluations and morale.

In a presentation entitled "Beyond What Consumers Can't or Won't Say," Dan Hill, founder of Sensory Logic Inc. and author of About Face: Ten Secrets to Emotionally Effective Advertising, reviewed the effectiveness and expanding potential of facial coding to tap into the emotional root of decision-making for market researchers.

Scott Miller, chair of Core Strategy Group and author of The Underdog Advantage, implored those in attendance to think like an insurgent and avoid the conservative, defensive path often taken by market leaders. His points were underscored by entertaining anecdotes from his work with Steven Jobs and such clients as McDonald?s and Coca-Cola.

Former CEO, sales trainer and author Jack Daly provided parting words of inspiration, with practical takeaways and advice on building a cohesive team, empowering employees, and prioritizing customers.

Special thanks to all sponsors and exhibitors and the Conference Co-Chairs: Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner of Cambiar L.L.C. and Jude Olinger, CEO of The Olinger Group.

Next year, CASRO's annual conference will be held at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, from October 8 to 11.



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