CASRO Conference Code of Conduct
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Conference Code of Conduct


The right to participate is essential to create open dialogue between all attendees. CASRO acknowledges the freedom of expression of speakers, participants, sponsors and exhibitors. These principles are the foundation on which CASRO events were created.

All participants attending any CASRO event are subject to the laws applicable in the United States and the State the conference is held. By attending the conference, participants agree to adhere to these Principles and Values of Conference Participation.


All attendees shall behave in a professional, courteous and respectful manner, refraining from language and actions that might bring discredit upon themselves, their organization, the conference, or CASRO.


CASRO reserves the right to refuse admission to any conference if an individual or group has previously advocated or supported violent actions or destructive behavior in any way or if those individuals have previously violated any rule of conduct or applicable law at any prior CASRO event. In addition, CASRO reserves the right to refuse admission to any company or individual who has violated the CASRO Code of Standards. Additionally, during any conference, CASRO can revoke the name badge, conference registration, and associated materials, and therefore deny access, to participants who do not adhere to these Principles.


Video and Audio Recording:

Attendees are strictly prohibited from videotaping or audio recording any part of the conference unless written permission is granted by CASRO. Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for immediate ejection from the event and immediate confiscation of video and/or audio materials. This rule applies to all conference sessions and events throughout the duration of the conference.

Use of Photography:

Please limit photography in the session room as it may be distracting to speakers and attendees.  In addition, flash photography is strictly prohibited in the session room.  Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for immediate ejection from the event and immediate confiscation of the equipment.


Application of the law:

Conference participants are subject to the laws applicable in the United States. Physical force or threats of physical force or destruction or theft of property by conference participants will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the U.S. and the State the event is held. Additionally, the response may include escorting participants from the conference venue.

Withdrawal of Admission:

In the event of any disruptions including, harassing or persistently taunting an attendee, speaker, or sponsor/exhibitor, or any other action that does not respect these Principles; CASRO may withdraw a participant's admission and name badge and suspend or cancel the participant's access to the conference. Violation of the rules is also grounds for ineligibility at future CASRO events.

Public statement:

In the event that freedom of expression is abused, property is destroyed, stolen or physical force is used or threatened by a participant, CASRO may issue a statement concerning the action that reflect the framework of the Principles and Values of Conference Participation.

Attendees expelled from a conference for violations of this code of conduct will not be afforded a refund or credit for conference attendance fees. CASRO also is not liable for hotel or travel costs incurred by an attendee expelled from an event.


CASRO badges will be required for admittance to all events for security reasons. Badges should be worn and visible at all times. Lost badges should be reported to CASRO staff immediately. The following badge policies apply throughout the entirety of the conference:


  1. CASRO is the sole proprietor of Conference badges and lanyards.
  2. Badges are nontransferable.
  3. Misuse of badges, lanyards, false certification of individuals as paid attendees, efforts to assist unauthorized persons to gain access to any CASRO event, or any inappropriate conduct will be just cause for reclaiming badges of any individuals involved.


If you have a question about any of the rules set forth please contact CASRO staff.

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