Mosaic of Global Research Conference

Anne Brown, CEO of Gazelle Global Research, agreed. "The most important thing is to establish a trusted chain and listen to what your partners in the country say," she said. "They are the experts."

Kees de Jong, CEO of SSI, praised Google’s approach, noting that "it took an outside company to break the model...asking 20,000 people one question rather than asking 20 of one.” Others also welcomed the challenge posed by this potential paradigm shift.

One thing was evident: Doing global work properly entails utilizing the right blend of modalities for each specific region. There are many variables to consider when choosing proper modes, including the visual, societal and data infrastructures found in each specific nation, noted Jackie Lorch of SSI in her presentation.

Technology infrastructures are a key variable when considering mobile and social media-the two top trends highlighted in a session moderated by Reg Baker of Market Strategies International and consultant Peter Milla. Niels Schillewaert, Managing Partner of InSites Consulting, noted that "market research has changed from asking questions to having a conversation with consumers. Consumers want to engage and co-create with brands and they can be brought together purposefully in social media engagement research (via online research communities and ethnographical blogs)." An in-depth look at Brazil's smart phone market was provided by Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobal Solutions. Smartphones also were a key component of a case study on India presented by iPinion's Palanivel Kuppusamy, who noted that Android dominates with more than a half share thanks to low-cost carrier plans.

Legal and regulatory issues that impact global research projects were discussed by Duane Berlin, CASRO General Counsel, Lev & Berlin (US); Owen Nee, Senior Counsel, Greenberg Traurig (China); and Barry Ryan, Efamro (Europe).

Representatives from several national research business organizations, including Elissa Molloy, Executive Director, AMSRS (Australia); Michihiro Ota, Secretary-General, APRC (Japan); Brendan Wycks, Executive Director, MRIA (Canada); Andrew Cannon, President, SMTL (Finland)/President, Efamro; Barry Ryan, Standards & Policy Manager, MRS (UK), and Kevin Menk, Managing Partner, Strategic Resource Partners, L.L.C. (US) CASRO, discussed the importance and value of the recently formed Global Research Business Network. Eduardo de León, CEO, DE LA RIVA Strategic Research (left) and Rahul Sahgal, CEO, Annik Technology Services.
From left: Niels Schillewaert of InSites Consulting, Tamara Barber of Affinnova, and Reg Baker of Market Strategies International

Heriberto Lopez, Director General, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, described the 11 types of families in Mexico and how it is important to have a standardized measurement and terminology for various family structures to make findings more relevant and applicable.
Vicky Lai, Vice President, GfK - NA, discussed the nuances of the Chinese market, including how children born to parents who grew up in the 1970s (hard working/parents didn't have money) differ from those who grew up in the 1980s (more selfish, don't care much about jobs).
Eduardo de León, CEO, DE LA RIVA Strategic Research, Dale Lersch, CEO & Principal, The Pert Group, Michihiro Ota, Director of Global Alliances at INTAGE Inc., and Rahul Sahgal, CEO, Annik Technology Services (India) joined moderator Jeff Resnick, Global Managing Director, ORC International to discuss the many variables in play when attempting to form effective global partnerships and manage international projects.
How research quality standards are addressed in various markets was discussed by Brendan Wycks, MRIA (Canada), Elissa Molloy, AMSRS (Australia), Michael Brereton, President & CEO, Maritz Research Inc., and Erich Wiegand, Director General, ADM (Germany).
Special thanks to all presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and our Conference Co-Chairs: Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade, Advisory Board Member, IBOPE (Brazil); and Chet Zalesky, President, CMI. iPinion's Palanivel Kuppusamy
Adriana Rocha of eCGlobal Solutions


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