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Focus Pointe began as a one-room focus group facility in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania in 1987. FPG early on embraced the use of computer and voice technologies in its call center, opening the door for the creation and application of a proprietary software program that manages hundreds of complex projects at once. This system laid the groundwork for extensive growth across every area of the company, including database development and client service offerings. Today, FPG employs 200 and operates 10 research facilities in major markets across the US and fields research in any US city.

To find out a bit more about this new CASRO member company, we posed several questions. Here’s how they responded:

The reception area of Focus Pointe Global’s Philadelphia
location at Two Logan Square.

Focus Pointe offers many services – which ones are growing fastest/generating increased interest from customers during the past year?

Some of the areas of growth and increased interest from our clients include:

·Mixed-mode – Our FPG QualPanel™ (national panel of 802,000 members) is well-suited for both qualitative and quantitative recruiting. Because it was built for qualitative research, we have compiled a great deal of profile information from these respondents. This makes the panel very attractive for online researchers who wish to include a follow-up qual segment. Conversely, we are seeing more qual clients conducting focus groups that are followed up with an online segment.

·Online – FPG’s quant business is growing rapidly and we are devising advanced technologies to streamline the connectivity of client survey systems.

·Bulletin Boards and Online Focus Groups – we have been partnering with Dub to present this service offering.

·Mystery Shopping – A new offering launched in 2013.

·Patient Research – Our patient panel has over 250,000 records (including caregivers) covering 92 medical conditions.

Viewing room with adjacent conference room.
Sessions may also be observed from large
monitors in client lounges.

What do you consider the biggest challenges in securing respondents (regardless of data collection mode)? How are you addressing them?

One of the challenges we face is in convincing respondents of the legitimacy of the offer to join our panel to participate in paid marketing research. The prevalence of "make money from home” offers that are often scams contributes to the challenges we face as researchers striving to find quality participants for our research endeavors.

Over half of our panel growth comes through referrals from current panel members, which of course legitimizes the process through positive testimony.

Additionally, outreach though social media platforms has been very successful for us in this regard. Social media users are vocal in sharing their research experience and in convincing others that "this is real.”

Are you channeling your efforts toward any specific industries; which are generating the fastest growth?

Our efforts are channeled across a wide range of industry verticals within the consumer, healthcare and business arenas.

In your view, what is the most important trend in data collection right now?

One of the most important trends in data collection right now is targeted insight. As the information age progresses, too many of us are forced to wade through the endless requests for information and try to decide exactly what is important and what’s not. Targeted insight gives us the tools and techniques to "approach” individuals (or even data sources) with very specific criteria that not only collects extremely relevant information, but in a manner that instantly appeals to the data source. Examples of this include geo-location based mobile applications and smart tracking for web browsing that can pinpoint specific areas of interest or focus.

What are some of the steps you are taking as a company to ensure you remain ahead of key market shifts/trends?

Focus Pointe Global’s centralized call center is located in the company’s Philadelphia headquarters and is staffed by recruiting experts well versed in screening and validating consumer, medical and B2B respondents.

FPG is constantly working to remain a market leader and push the industry through new uses of technology and data collection methods. Our investments in survey technology, advanced web-based survey tools and target insight capabilities are just a few examples. Our new data collection tools allow for us to measure not only criteria specific to a situation or condition, but also apply the same information to related activities, all without having to task a respondent with laborious question sets.

Broadly, what are the immediate (1-2 years) and long-term (5+ years) plans/goals for the company?

Our overarching goals are first, to provide unrivaled research solutions with professional integrity and the
highest level of service quality to our national customer
base and second, to further expand our footprint through strategic acquisitions.

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