Benefits of ISO Certification
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What are the key benefits of implementing ISO market research standards?

For Research Companies

• Translates methodology into effective processes
• Formal systems uncover inefficiencies and encourage search for solutions to process problems
• Defines internal responsibilities and can promote staff satisfaction
• More consistent, reliable, transparent products and services
• Basis for subcontractor evaluation
• Reduced errors and rework
• Enhanced global competitiveness
• Improves operations management and control of access panels

For Clients

• Assurance that the required processes have been carried out in ways which are recognized by the industry

"The benefits of attaining ISO 20252 certification is already paying off with large business opportunities due to the standards and processes implemented."

- Cindy DeLuca, Quality Manager, Kantar Operations North America

• Improves clients ability to buy effectively
• Timely delivery
• More ability to focus on insight
• Quality accountability

For The Public (Respondents)

• Enables ethical code protections for respondents and the public to be consistently applied


For Government

• Standards are seen as self-regulation and reduce the risks of imposed regulation


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