Negotiation Skills Webinar
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A Two-Part Series


Selling market research can be a sophisticated process of business development. At best it uncovers hidden opportunities, increases the willingness to pay for additional service, and creates long-term relationships. However it also produces scope creep, unreasonable expectations and difficult conversations with Procurement departments.

The Balancing Act: How can we consistently develop opportunities meeting both the client’s needs and our need to drive a profitable business?

Interest Balancing Framework: Interest-based negotiation is no longer the specialized science developed at the Harvard Law School. It is now a core skill taught at business schools because professional negotiators know how to get past "red herring” demands for price, uncover deeper interests (that drive more profitable, value-added work) and structure deals for long-term relationships regardless of key contact turnover.

In two sessions we apply sophisticated negotiation tools developed by Roger Fisher and colleagues at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. Frequent uses in Market Research include:

· Negotiating terms with both clients and suppliers on major projects to ensure profitability

· Negotiating Master Service Agreements, Service Level Agreements

· Solidifying long-term, strategic relationships with major clients

· Dealing with "scope creep” and ensuring that the client pays when this happens

· Negotiating with Procurement departments

Two Goals for the Sessions:

· Concrete actions to improve a current customer challenge

· Mastery of core negotiation tools

Session I: You analyze a difficult situation before the session with the Nine Elements of successful negotiation. During the session we go deep on the Elements and the concrete steps to fix issues. You develop a short list of concrete actions for your specific problem while "learning by doing” the fundamental skills.

Session II: Beyond Logical Analysis. Some client problems go beyond logical problems. Clients’ negotiation styles, personalities, and emotions can pose significant issues. We cover the tools used by professional negotiators to handle these difficult conversations.



Aaron Field, Associate, Cambiar, L.L.C.
Making insights actionable is a career passion for Aaron. As a leader of the Market Research Executive Board, he has advised hundreds of research leaders on critical issues about insight creation, research impact, next generation researcher skills, and organizational design. Aaron created the unique 2011 survey of marketers, sales executives, and strategy professionals about their consumption, and avoidance, of insight. Aaron also conducted unique research with insights professionals about their skills, improvement opportunities, and vision of the ideal future researcher.
In 2012 Aaron founded Market Researcher Consultative Skills to help researchers evolve their skills to the next generation of client value. As a strategy consultant to Fortune 500 companies with Braun Consulting and Fair Isaac (1997-2007) Aaron addressed core strategic issues with senior executives. His academic work concerns Economic Sociology (at the University of Michigan) and European History (Harvard).

Beth Rounds, Strategic Marketing Practice Leader, Cambiar, L.L.C.; Moderator

Beth has led high-performance teams in developing innovative product and marketing strategies to achieve profitable business growth. With over 25 years of experience in the market research industry, she combines a pragmatic style with strong general management skills to create linkages between business, marketing and sales strategies. She is passionate about building the next generation of companies and leaders. Prior to joining Cambiar, Beth worked for CRI, GfK Custom Research, Greenfield Online and MarketTools. She is active in industry associations and is a frequent speaker at major conferences. Beth has a BA in Sociology from Trinity University.


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