Sales Webinar: Overcoming The Stall
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How to Shift your Prospect Out of Neutral and Advance the Sale
Thursday, October 24, 2013      |      
2pm - 3pm ET


You're getting the "Stall" – where prospects take the easy way out and find excuses to put off a buying decision. In some cases, they really can’t buy now. But in many cases they have huge problems and need help more than ever.

Wouldn’t it be great if you mastered a strategy that would challenge prospects to explain – not just to you but to themselves – what they mean when they say they can’t buy? It would change the rules of the game by combating the inertia that has immobilized buyers at so many companies.

That’s exactly the topic we’ll cover in this webinar. You'll learn a probing technique that will help prospects identify needs and create a sense of urgency to act. Participants in this event will learn how to:

  • Ask powerful probing questions to uncover the real buying motives and hidden agendas

  • Use "lock-on” questions that turn "think-it-overs” into a yes or no response

  • Qualify up front the amount of time, money or resources a prospect or customer is willing to invest in your solution

  • Uncover what your customer really values so you can sell at higher margins and outperform your competition

  • Leverage the customer’s recession fear as the very reason why she/he must buy from you NOW

  • Gain access to the real decision-makers who can’t afford waiting for the economy to turn around

  • Appeal to customers’ emotions to elicit a call to action using advanced listening techniques

  • Deal with buyers who use the tough economy as an excuse to get you to capitulate on their terms

  • Avoid the trap of giving free consulting advice or expensive proposals to those who think nothing of wasting your time and resources

  • Eliminate price-cutting as a strategy to win the sale

Ideal For:
Anyone involved with Sales & Business Development - Both for executives to inform their management and coaching of staff and for account representatives to learn practical techniques and tips.

CASRO Members: $95

Non Members: $135
Discounts provided for multiple registrations (see registration page)

Our P

Paul Cherry is President of Performance Based Results, an international sales and leadership training organization and has taught more than 250,000 sales professionals to date. Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Blue Cross, DuPont, Comcast, Moody’s, Shell Oil, Harley Davidson, and Wells Fargo are just a few of the 1,200 clients Paul has worked with. He has written over 150 articles for leading industry publications, including, Selling Power, Investor’s Business Daily, Sales Training Camp, RainToday, Master Salesmanship, and Value Added Selling, among others. Paul is the author of Questions That Sell, published by AMACOM Books in 2006. Paul has more than 19 years of experience in sales, management, executive leadership, and performance improvement strategies. Paul is also an adjunct faculty member at The University of Phoenix and a guest lecturer at The Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University.

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