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CASRO was founded on the very principle of protecting the public's rights and privacy. All of our members are mandated to adhere to the high standards set forth in the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research. This Code mandates agreed upon rules of ethical conduct for Survey Research Organizations including Confidentiality and Privacy.

It is essential that survey research organizations be responsible for protecting from disclosure to third parties--including clients and members of the Public--the identity of individual respondents as well as the identifiable information from that individual, unless the individual expressly requests or permits such disclosure.

In addition, survey research organizations have a responsibility to strike a balance between the needs for research and the privacy of individuals who become the respondents in the research process.

The CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research sets forth these mandates in addition to others to protect the public's rights and privacy and to maintain the high ethical standards of research industry companies.

If you have any questions regarding the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, please contact us.

CASRO membership consists of research companies and organizations who have agreed to follow the CASRO Code of Standards. Each member organization has been approved by CASRO’s Board of Directors. For each CASRO Member Organization, we will include a listing of the member representative(s) in the Membership Directory section of the CASRO website. This information includes the individual's name, title, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as any email and website addresses provided. To protect the privacy of our members and in recognition of industry standards and practices, any email addresses provided in the Membership Directory section of the CASRO website are from those CASRO members who have expressly agreed to the inclusion of their email addresses on the CASRO website. If you do not wish to have any of your information included in the Membership Directory please contact us in writing (including email). If any of the information provided in our Membership Directory is incorrect or out-of-date, please contact us in writing (including email) with the necessary changes.

In addition, members of CASRO will receive correspondence regarding CASRO membership, including any services or studies we may be conducting, as well as other industry events through email, postal mail, courier service, email, telephone and fax. If you do not wish to receive any correspondence from us please contact us in writing (including email).

Non-CASRO Members

Any information obtained about or from non-CASRO members via postal mail, courier service, telephone, fax or in person will be used for the purpose for which it was collected or sent to CASRO. In addition, the information may also be used to send material about CASRO and other industry events. Such information will not be sold, shared or disseminated to any outside organizations. (Any information obtained via the CASRO website or via email is addressed in the "CASRO Website/Email" section of this privacy policy.)

CASRO Website/Email

CASRO respects an individual's right to privacy and takes every measure to ensure that no personally identifiable information is collected about visitors to our site unless it is voluntarily provided by the user through either email, a request for information, publications order, or conference registration.

We use industry standard encryption to protect the transmission of information you submit to us when you use our secure online forms. All personal information collected by CASRO from both members and non-members is stored in an internal database and is password protected for security purposes.

Industry standard encryption technology does not apply to email transmissions, therefore if your communication includes sensitive information, and you prefer not to use our secure online forms, please contact us by postal mail, courier, telephone or fax rather than email.

All information provided by individuals is used to respond to requests for information and/or questions. It may also be used to send informational material about CASRO and other industry events. In addition, certain information that is provided by individuals who register and attend any CASRO event will be included in the related event materials. This information will only include the individual's full name, title, company affiliation and location (city and state only). No other information will be included and this information is provided to event participants unless directed and permitted by the individual.

Individuals not currently part of a CASRO member company who provide CASRO with their postal and email addresses may receive periodic correspondence from us regarding information about CASRO and industry events as well as CASRO membership services. If you do not wish to receive such mailings please contact us and provide us with your exact name and address, and we will remove your name and contact information from our mailing list. In addition, any information provided will not be sold, shared or disseminated to any outside organization.

When users visit our site and/or download information, we collect and store the domain name from which they accessed our site, the browser used, the date and time the site was accessed, and the pages visited. This information is used only for internal informational purposes and is not shared with any outside organization. Also, we do not place "cookies" on a visitor’s computer hard drive.

Conference Attendees

Select information that was provided to us with your registration will be included in the program materials. This information will include your full name, title, company affiliation, and location (city/state/country). We may disclose your company's participation to visitors of our website, (company name and location (city/state/country. Use of contact information: Your participation, including your name, title, company name, and city/state/country will be shared with all attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Individuals not attending a conference may access this information from the conference mobile app. Your postal mailing address will also be provided to all exhibitors and sponsors after the conference. Your full contact information (including your postal and email addresses) will be provided to the event Premier Conference Sponsor(s). If you don't want your email address shared with the Premier Sponsor please contact us.

This privacy policy is subject to change. If you have any questions regarding CASRO's privacy policy, please contact us.

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