Speaker Instructions


Speaker Instructions

1. Presentation Requirements: Your PowerPoint/Prezi files (and any other electronic files) MUST be submitted in advance. We will pre-load your file(s) on our laptop for use at the conference. You will not be able to use your own laptop or equipment. In addition, you will not be able to access the laptop at the podium. There will be a small video screen and a remote control at the podium for you to advance your slides. If you have sound or video files please let us know in advance and send those files separately. A laser pointer and wireless lavaliere microphone will be available at the event. If your files are large and you need assistance in sending them, please contact Frank Petruzzo for more information.

2. Your Slides/Content: All presentation content will be reviewed in advance and is subject to edits by the CASRO Conference Committee. You may use your own template; we do not require presenters to use a standard CASRO template. Note: The goal of the presentation is to communicate the subject matter in a generic manner, without using your brandAny content deemed sales-oriented and content about your company including the nature of your business and descriptions of your products and services offered are not permitted. Sales-oriented demonstrations are also not permitted.

3. Use of Video and Internet Content must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Committee. You will not have laptop access on the podium so use of the internet is very limited. We must review and approve all internet content so you must review the logistics of your intended internet use with Frank Petruzzo at least one week prior to the conference or you will not be permitted to use internet content during your presentation.

4. Use of your Mobile Device during Presentation: You must turn your mobile device completely OFF during your presentation session. This applies to anyone who is near a microphone at the podium, wearing a wireless lavaliere microphone, or on stage sitting at the panel table. Mobile devices often interfere with the sound system and must be turned to the off position. When your presentation is over and you return to the audience you can power on your device.

5. CASRO Use of Your Presentation and Related Materials: By submitting your presentation and related materials to CASRO you afford us the rights to use and distribute them. We will not distribute printed copies of your presentation materials at the conference but we will include a pdf of the file(s) on our website for attendees to access after the conference and for all CASRO members to access at some future point in time. Access is not limited to viewing and the files can be printed and distributed freely by anyone who obtains access. We may also include a pdf of the file(s) on a portable drive, which may be sent to any attendee after the conference upon request. We may also make these available for sale to non-attendees.

6. Use of Photography and Video: We may also photograph and/or video record your presentation and provide portions of it on our website and/or other online outlets for public viewing. These files are the property of CASRO and we reserve the right to use and distribute them. Unauthorized use of photography and video equipment in the session room is strictly prohibited.

7. Promotion of your presentation: We may promote your session using our website, email communications, print and social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobile App, etc.). We may include your name, company, photo, and Twitter user name (if provided). We encourage you to promote your participation via your company website, blog or e-newsletter and on LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter (@casro - #casro) and Facebook.

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On-Site Presentation Instructions


1. Report to the AV table 30 minutes prior to your presentation.

2. PowerPoint/AV Files: Your files will be pre-loaded in advance on a CASRO laptop. You will not have access to this laptop at the podium. It will be located at the AV table. Internet access can be made available upon advanced request.

3. Podium: There will be a small video screen on the podium that will display your presentation. The image on this screen will be the same image that will appear on the main screen(s).  Any speaking notes you have in your actual PowerPoint file will not be visible to you on this screen. 

Figure 1
Figure 2

4. Mobile Devices: we ask that you turn your mobile device OFF during your presentation since it may interfere with the microphones at the podium and on the sage. 

5. Slide Advancement: You will advance your slides using a remote control (Figure 1). The green button will advance your slides, the red button will go backward. If you want to use a laser pointer, it will be available on the podium.  

6. Timer: There will be a timer on the podium that will count down the number of minutes remaining in your presentation (Figure 2). The green light will turn yellow when you have five minutes remaining. The light will turn red when your time is up. There will also be a visible timer in the audience in case you are not standing at the podium during your presentation.

7. Microphone: There will be a standing microphone at the podium  for your use. If you want to use a wireless lavaliere microphone please see the Technician at the AV table 30 minutes before your session for assistance. 

 8. Special Needs: If you require special needs for your presentation please let us know in advance.

Please plan your presentation accordingly so it does not exceed the time allocated. 

CASRO On-Site Contact: Frank Petruzzo, Vice President – frank.petruzzo@casro.org
Office: 631.928.6954 Mobile: 631.321.0950 

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