Technology Conference 2011 , New York Recap
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On The Move: Mobile Applications Among Highlights of CASRO Tech 2011

Research on mobile devices, MROCs, and social media listening were among the topics discussed at the CASRO Technology Conference, June 2-3, 2011, in New York. Niels Schillewaert, Managing Partner at InSites Consulting, got things started with eye-opening results from his research of MROCs. It made for an ideal lead into a panel discussion on the popular data collection tool with Theo Downes-Le Guin, Chief Research Officer at Market Strategies International (session moderator); Greg Heist, Vice President, Research Innovation & Technology at Gongos Research, Inc.; Jane Mount, President of Digital Research, Inc.; Derek Sawchuk, Marketing Manager at Itracks; Bonnie Sherman, Vice President, Custom Panel Development at Decipher; and Monique Morden, President, Global Partner Program & COO, National Panels at Vision Critical.

Eager to get a handle on what's currently effective and what's over the horizon in mobile, attendees were all ears to presentations by Leslie Townsend, President, Kinesis Survey Technologies, who outlined the many components of mobile research and advice on how to build a cohesive mobile MR platform; and Kristin Luck, President of Decipher, who provided the latest in mobile research best practices, design and programming and shared some interesting case studies to illustrate her points.

Opinionology's Bob Fawson and Miles Wright shared the results of their tests on Geo-Location-Triggered Survey Research. Among the limitations noted were Wifi usage issues and an inability at times to identify the correct survey trigger. However, with anticipated advancements in technology they are encouraged about the future potential in this area.

Ken Brewster, Director, U.S. Operations at E-Tabs Limited, illustrated how dash board technology provides a robust alternative to PowerPoint in presenting MR data to clients. Dave Suedkamp, Global Leader Online Services, Market Research Services at IBM, provided insight on how to deploy predictive analytics via cloud computing. Brendan Light, Senior Vice President, Research Strategy & Development at BuzzBack Market Research and Sameer Inamdar, Senior Director at Datamatics Global Services, shared experiences from a collaborative approach to creating innovative solutions through technology, including the management of a technology project lifecycle, using tracking tools for change management and managing communications for a virtual team.

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