Conference Recordings - 2015
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2015 Annual Conference Registrations
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2015 Annual Conference Registrations
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"A Client’s View of the Industry: Blind Spots and Shiny Objects"

What can we learn from a relic of the late 20th century and Napoleon’s 1812 march into Russia? The answers are woven into the perspective shared by a research team leader at one of the world’s top financial services companies. Why does he consider today a historically thrilling juncture for our industry, while at the same time see a practice fraught with concerns?

  • Adam Rothschild, Vice President & Head of Global Marketplace Insights, American Express

This House declares that the term "marketing research” no longer defines our role in modern business—An Oxford-Style Debate

New areas such as business intelligence and decision analytics have boomed in recent years. They are attracting talent, capital, and the attention of clients. Now is the time to move beyond marketing research and embrace these techniques and technologies as integral to all that we do. As such, current codes of ethics lose their relevance and will need wholesale revision. Others say, "Hogwash!” Now is the time to stand up for marketing research, emphasizing the value of primary research methods, and reminding both ourselves and the world at large of their role in successful business decision-making. Our current codes and guidelines are now more than ever critical to the way in which we do business. Respected professionals on both sides of this issue will hash it out in an Oxford-style debate, back by popular demand. See who wins!

• Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner, Cambiar, (Moderator)


Kristin Luck
Growth Hacking

Dyna Boen
@ UBMobile, Inc.

John Gilfeather
Koski Research

Jude Olinger
The Olinger Group;
Board Chair, 2015


The Future of Research: New Truths and Paradigms for Our Industry

Hear thoughts on the "new truths” within the industry from one of the largest global players and get their view on potential implications for the future of market research.

• Debra Pruent, Chief Operating Officer, GfK SE; Management Board Member In Charge Of Consumer Experiences Sector

Research Across the Globe

There’s no need for your passport, we’re bringing the world of market research to you. Find out the factors driving transformation in many international regions—from emerging and influential methodological and social trends to the geopolitical issues that impact data collection and overall business operations.

EuropeAmericasAmericasAsia Pacific

Enrique Domingo

Kara Mitchelmore
MRIA, Canada

Bruno Paro
ABEP, Brazil

Winifred Henderson
New Zealand

Asia Pacific


Global Perspective


Shinichi Hosokawa
MRA, Japan

Paul Nnanwobu
NiMRA, Nigeria

Andrew Cannon
GRBN, Finland

Alex Garnica
(ARIA) AMAI, Mexico


"Hyperadoption, Digital Disruption and the Role of Insights in a Big Data World"

Consumers have embraced new technologies that change the way they experience every product and service. Companies that exploit those technologies can reduce the cost of creating innovative experiences for those customers. The result is a spiral of data-driven relationships that can't be tracked by traditional research methods alone. As more companies build digital relationships with customers, insights professionals can bring their unique, customer-centric thinking to boost the bottom line.

  • James McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Author, Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation

Research in Transformation—The Challenges Facing Small- and Mid-sized Research Firms

Transformation is a requirement to stay competitive in today’s disruptive market research environment. Leaders from three very successful organizations will discuss the transformation strategies that have kept their organizations vibrant and competitive. If you are struggling with how to transform your own organization, this is a must-see panel discussion.

Jim Bryson
20|20 Research

Alex Hunt

Roseanne Luth
Founder & President
Luth Research

Jeffrey Resnick
Managing Partner
Stakeholder Advisory
Services, LLC

"Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Service—The Zappos Story"

Every day everyone in your company affects the culture. Some affect the culture in a positive way, and others in damaging and harmful ways—and they don't even realize it. By developing a culture of service you can make positive change happen every day. When everyone realizes the part they play in the overall experience, you can finally become the customer service company you have wanted to be. has grown to a $2B/year business because of the service they provide to their customers – and they sell shoes! Imagine what you can do when together your team takes the steps to make your culture great.

• Jon Wolske, Culture Evangelist, Zappos Insights

Executive Round Table Discussion: "Global Data Collection Trends”

Quality data is our lifeblood. Changing methods, emerging technologies, geopolitical developments and privacy issues keep this vital practice in constant flux. Join us as several key issues are put on the table, including the blurring lines between sampling firms, data collection firms and market research companies; DIY Research; the emergence of data powers Google, Facebook, and Twitter; the future of online surveys, the state of automated sampling, preservation of respondents; and a look at what’s next beyond mobile.

Get a grasp on the issues that matter from the leaders of companies relied upon by researchers around the globe.

Chris Fanning
President & CEO

Kurt Knapton
President & CEO
Research Now

Frédéric-Charles Petit

David Shanker
CEO, The Americas
Lightspeed GMI
Lightspeed All Global

Merrill Dubrow
President & CEO
M/A/R/C Research

"The New TCPA: What Market Researchers Need To Know"

Researchers active in myriad industries and methodologies have voiced concern and confusion regarding the recently updated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). This session will help answer your questions concerning the meaning and implications of this important regulatory change.

Duane Berlin

General Counsel

Abby Devine
Director, Government
& Public Affairs

Peter Milla
Market Research
Industry Consultant

"Optimizing Profit in the Information You Manage"

There continues to be a lot of chatter about Big Data – so much so that you may have stopped listening. But there is money to be made in this flood of trackable information. Researchers just need to know where to focus. You’ll get that here from one of the leading business consultants in the digital information management space. Learn how your company can get the most out of the information you obtain and manage, identify new offerings and revenue streams, and manage them in the most cost-efficient manner. Gain valuable advice on identifying the data assets that hold the most value; assessing existing services/offerings, and identifying potential customers—of both existing products and potential data sets/ information.

  • Charles Stryker, Chairman and CEO, Venture Development Center, Inc.

"Drain Your Shark Tank: Perspectives On Innovation"

Innovation can be a key component to business success. This is the story of LRW, and their decision to address the challenge of innovating their business head-on. We’ll fi nd out the lessons learned during their innovation journey and how they proactively changed the company’s direction.

• Jeffrey Reynolds, President, LRW

"Apple ResearchKit: Implications for Market Research"

Since its launch in March, Apple’s medical app research platform ResearchKit has garnered much attention. The potential implications for market research in health care, as well as other industries, stands to be vast. You will get an expert’s perspective on this burgeoning phenomena from a true pioneer—the lead developer of one of the first ResearchKit apps.

  • Stanley Shaw, Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health, Massachusetts General Hospital; Harvard University
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