Webinar - Corporate ID Check: Differentiate or Disappear
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Corporate ID Check: Differentiate or Disappear
Tuesday, March 4, 2- 3 p.m. ET

Why Your Company Needs to Create a Unique Core Difference and How to do it

If clients don't see the difference in what you do, you are the same as your competition
and you will effectively be invisible.

Oftentimes, we think a promotional tactic will satisfy. Unfortunately, that can lead to an unsystematic "marketing idea of the week” approach.

What you need is a well-defined strategy that:
  • Defines your ideal client
  • Embraces the art of differentiation
  • Provides an anchor for which business decisions are founded

This webinar will focus on the art of differentiation and whether your organization is positioned to either:

1. Do things no one else is doing or

2. Do the same things everyone else is doing, but in a different way

Differentiation can come from a product, a type of analysis, a unique deliverable, a price feature or the underlying culture of your organization.

If you don't differentiate, your competitors will – and you risk losing clients.

Hear from an executive with extensive experience in the market research field. Receive valuable takeaways to help you and your team better define and communicate your company’s skills and services.

This event is ideal for: Senior level marketing and sales executives, as well as CEOs/Owners/Presidents of research firms concerned with their company's position in the marketplace and how they can more effectively identify and communicate their unique features.

Time has been allotted for audience questions.

Our Presenters:

Susan Spaulding, Principal, Recalibrate Strategies

Susan is the founder of Recalibrate Strategies, a consultancy formed to help companies redefine their market strategy and accelerate growth. She leverages her experience that combines advertising firm executive leadership, CEO of a brand performance consultancy (Market Directions) and one of three principals of a Honomichl 50 global market research consulting firm (The Pert Group) as well as time as a CASRO Board member. During her tenure as a CASRO Board member Susan was instrumental in forming CASRO education programs and in shaping CASRO’s value proposition.

As the owner of Market Directions, she transformed her firm from a traditional research firm to one that focused on brand performance. She was able to transfer the experience of establishing Market Directions as a consulting firm to The Pert Group where again, the organization was transformed from a traditional marketing research firm to a global market research consulting leader.

Susan has developed a systematic approach to marketing, combining her own experience with an international small business marketing program, Duct Tape Marketing.

Because of her long career as a leader in the market research industry, she knows how difficult it can be to devote time to marketing the business while simultaneously producing great client work. Susan also understands how challenging it is to find and consistently carry through a point of differentiation and how to more intimately use the networks you have as referral sources.

Daniel Coates, President, Ypulse; Moderator

A serial entrepreneur within the research industry, Dan is President of Ypulse and a veteran in the online research space. Prior to Ypulse, (formerly SurveyU), Dan held positions as President of Globalpark Inc. (acquired by QuestBack), Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Polimetrix (acquired by YouGov), Vice President of the Online division of SPSS (acquired by IBM), and a co-founder of PlanetFeedback.com (acquired by Neilsen Online). The first decade of Dan's career was spent developing interactive divisions at Burke and Millward Brown, as well as the Angus Reid Group (acquired by IPSOS).

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