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Should you have any additional questions please contact us at 631.928.6954


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Address for Packages:

The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio
420 W Market Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Your packages will be moved from the shipping area and placed in the exhibit room prior to set-up time.

Materials CANNOT arrive before March 7 without incurring a daily storage fee from the hotel.

Please note: All items and materials that must be brought into the facility may be subject to Material Handling Charges and are the responsibility of the Exhibitor.


Each space will be set with a table with cloth, two chairs, wireless internet and electricity.

You must adhere to the following guidelines
. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Permitted Placement of Materials* (signs, TV monitors, magazine racks, etc.)

- Must be on the table or behind it

- May not exceed a height of 8 feet (as measured from the floor)

- Total combined width of materials located behind the table may not exceed (6, 8 or 10 feet depending on which exhibit space you reserved).

- Depth of materials behind the table (including video carts/platforms) must not exceed 24 inches.

* View Diagram

Please, Do Not:

- Affix anything to the walls

- Place ads, brochures or giveaways on tables/chairs in the session room


Wireless Internet is included in the exhibit fee and will be provided to each exhibitor representative as part of the registration. The connection will be available in the exhibit room only. CASRO is not responsible for service failures.

Exhibit Hours: The exhibit area will be open to all attendees throughout the Conference.

Raffles/Giveaways: Exhibitors must announce winners via their own means - we will not announce winners in the session room (with the exception of sponsored prizes).

All exhibit representatives will be issued a name badge. Name badges must be worn at all times.

Secure your items: You should take precautions with your belongings.

CASRO is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Exhibit Set up
Monday March 10, 3:00pm – 6:00pm
(Note: All exhibits must be fully installed by 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 11)

Exhibit Hours
The exhibit area is open throughout the conference. 

Exhibit Breakdown
Wednesday, March 12 after lunch ends (1 p.m.).

Dismantle and Move-Out Information

- Please place return shipping forms on your packages. If you have a rush/priority shipment, please notify a hotel or CASRO representative.

- Leave the outbound material in front of your table.

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