Using Storytelling to Inspire Action
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Using Storytelling to Inspire Action
Wednesday, October 29
2-3 PM ET

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One of our challenges as an industry is that we need to get better at delivering research findings in a way that not just informs, but also inspires action. Many people say that we need to be able to tell stories with our data to achieve that. However, storytelling is only one mechanism for helping our stakeholders internalize insights. A large part of our success as researchers depends on our ability to think more completely about our delivery of research output - we need to consider our audience(s)’s needs, find our core messages and then deliver them in a way that goes beyond just a collection of facts to make it more interesting, useful and memorable for our stakeholders.

This session highlights the need for a more systematic process for making decisions that impact what research deliverables look like and how the collaboration between clients and their vendor partners is critical in this process. It proposes the idea of a Delivery Plan to encourage the researcher to think about the audience, the content, and the delivery mechanism in a more intentional way, earlier in the process than they do today. Participants will walk away from the session with some key considerations that can help them close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be when it comes to research delivery.

This webinar is ideal for: Chief Research Officers, mid-level researchers, project managers, account executives and new analysts who want to improve their research deliverables.

Thania Farrar,
Director of Research Innovation, Burke, Inc.

Thania monitors and contributes to client and industry discussions regarding new research approaches. She helps equip Burke with the emerging research solutions needed to help its clients achieve greater success. In addition, Thania has developed viewpoints on Storytelling and Hispanic research, which have earned her speaking roles at industry conferences. Thania joined Burke in 1999, most recently serving as an Account Executive for clients across a wide range of industries. Thania led teams in support of global B2B and consumer products manufacturers, specializing in the design and implementation of research programs focused on customers, consumers, shoppers and multicultural populations. Hallmarks of her consultative approach include her ability to translate complex business issues into actionable research objectives that leverage innovative custom research learning plans. Her research expertise and her focus on the communication of insights that inspire action earned her the trust of her client partners.
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