Free Webinar: Demystifying the ISO Research Standard 26362
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Free Webinar

Demystifying ISO 26362, Access Panels in
Market, Opinion and Social Research

Tuesday, October 7, 2 - 3 p.m. ET

Peter Milla

Advisor for
Angelina Yatsenko
M3 Global Research

Alexander Shashkin

The use of respondent panels and communities are essential tools to fulfill today’s research requirements. As such, clients, partners and research companies need to ensure that panel quality is maintained, controlled and continuously improved so that results and client deliverables have true value. This global access panel standard was developed with this goal in mind.

ISO 26362 is a companion standard to the ISO 20252 standard for market, opinion and social research. This standard helps sample providers deliver quality access panel products and services and provides buyers with transparency into the access panel products and services they purchase. Its implementation process delivers a strategic, standardized approach to quality. Certification to ISO 26362 will provide your company with a credential sought after by clients and partners worldwide. 

CASRO is offering this free opportunity to learn more about the ISO 26362 Access Panel Standard.

  • What does this standard cover?
  • What does it mean in the marketplace?
  • What have other companies experienced?
  • How can it help ensure sample quality?
  • Is obtaining the certification credential possible for my company?

Professionals responsible for delivering quality products and services from certified companies M3 Global and OMI (Online Market Intelligence) will discuss their implementation process, the road to certification, the challenges encountered and the benefits received.

In this free webinar you will:

  • Receive an overview of what the ISO research standards are all about
  • Understand the areas covered by ISO 26362
  • Learn the steps your company needs to take to comply with and certify to these standards

The webinar will include time for Q&A so you can dig deeper by asking your own questions of our CIRQ technical advisor and company representatives.

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