Free Webinar: Demystifying the ISO Research Standards 20252
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Free Webinar

Demystifying the ISO Research Standard 20252

Tuesday, September 16, 2 - 3 p.m. ET

What do they cover? What do they mean in the industry? What do they mean to my company?


Cathy Kneidl

Training & Certification
Advisor for
Ricardo Ramos
ORC International

Mike Gershman

The ISO research standard ISO 20252 is a globally recognized quality
standard for our industry. Implementation and certification to this standard within your  company can provide a credential that is recognized worldwide. The implementation process itself delivers a strategic, standardized review that can elevate quality throughout a company and a successful certification will award your company with the global credential sought after by clients and partners worldwide. Around the globe, more companies are recognizing the value of certification and clients are responding.


Companies that make the decision to commit their company to raising the bar of quality and certify, stand out from the crowd and prove their commitment to reputable and efficient market research practices.

CASRO is offering this free opportunity for you to find out about this standard and hear from companies that have achieved ISO success.

In this free webinar you will:

  • Receive an overview of what the ISO research standard is all about
  • Understand the areas covered by ISO 20252
  • Learn the steps your company needs to take to comply with this standard

You’ll also hear how certified companies have benefited from their ISO certification; benefits such as reduced errors and re-work, improved consistency and quality, and how the onboarding of new employees is now a breeze.

Get the inside story from ORC International  and Naxion: How they prepared for their ISO audit, how the certification process worked for their company and the benefits they have seen since certification.

A portion of the webinar will be devoted to audience questions.

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