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CASRO Safe Harbor Program

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About CASRO Safe Harbor Program

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CASRO is pleased to offer the CASRO Safe Harbor Program in collaboration with the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Please note that the CASRO Safe Harbor Program does not offer dispute resolution services for issues relating to the transfer of a company's own human resources data. However, such transfers are covered under the Safe Harbor – please refer to the Department of Commerce’s FAQ #9 for more information.

Step 1

Complete the CASRO Safe Harbor Program application.

Step 2

Review your company’s privacy policy and confirm that it complies with the seven Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. Your company’s privacy policy must be publicly available and must explicitly reference adherence to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, identify CASRO Safe Harbor Program as your independent recourse mechanism for Safe Harbor privacy complaints, and provide a link to our online complaints page ( You must also provide contact information for your company's internal complaints mechanism. Suggested language can be found here. Please read the Department of Commerce U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Guide to Self-Certification for additional information.

Step 3

Review and sign the Participation Agreement (the CBBB Independent Complaint Handling Agreement is annexed to the Participation Agreement and is a second
required signature). Mail your signed Participation Agreement and a copy of your company’s draft privacy policy to the address provided. Your application will be reviewed upon receipt. If any additional information is required we will contact you. Please note that your privacy policy must meet the minimum requirements set out in Step 2 before we can accept your application. Once the review process is complete you will receive an email notification indicating that your company has been accepted into the program.

Step 4

Self-certify with the Department of Commerce within 30 days of our approval of your application.Your self-certification to Safe Harbor must be current in order to continue your participation in the CASRO Safe Harbor program. You may complete your self-certification online- review the Commerce Department’s check list of the information you will need for self-certification.

Important: In the Department of Commerce’s "independent recourse mechanism” field, please state "CASRO Safe Harbor Program” and link to our Web page for consumers:

The Department of Commerce developed two separate, albeit substantially similar, Safe Harbor Frameworks: the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. Your self-certification to the Department of Commerce may be with regard to one or both of the Safe Harbor Frameworks; self-certification with regard to one Framework does automatically extend to the other.

The Department of Commerce has developed a certification mark for the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework. In order to display the mark, participating U.S. companies must follow a specific set of instructions developed by the Department of Commerce. The mark may only be used by those companies that have self-certified their compliance with the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, appear on the Department of Commerce’s official U.S.-EU Safe Harbor List, and have a "Certification Status” that is "Current”. Once you have received confirmation from the Department of Commerce that your self-certification has been finalized, you may contact the Department of Commerce about using the mark.

Any public misrepresentation concerning your company’s participation in the Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor program or compliance with one or both of the Safe Harbor Frameworks may be actionable by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or other relevant government body.

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