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Q. What is the acknowledgement made of; how big is it?
A. Constructed of clear acrylic, it measures 6 1/4" x 7 1/2" x 1/2"

Q. What does the cost cover?
A. Your order cost includes shipping from the producer to your company. You will then need to package, address and ship the acknowledgments to your clients. CASRO has provided the artwork and therefore there is no print set-up charge.

Q. Why are there maximum order quantities?
A. The minimum order quantity is 12 as that is the smallest amount the producer will process at one time. So that these items remain special and don’t flood the marketplace, CASRO has implemented a maximum order based upon company size.

Revenue- Max order (minimum order 12)
Less than $3.0 Million – 12
$3.0 to < $8.0 Million – 20
$8.0 to < $25.0 Million – 30
$25.0 to < $100.0 Million – 50
$100.0 Million and Greater – 75
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