Walking Tour of the French Quarter
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Anne S. Aldrich, Partner, Artemis Strategy Group

Dyna Boen, Vice President, Federated Sample

Diane K. Bowers, President, CASRO

Dan Chiazza, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Practice, Harris Interactive Inc.

Patrick B. Comer, CEO, Federated Sample

Bob Davis, Owner, Davis Research L.L.C.

Andy Ellis, Senior VP of Corporate Development, Federated Sample

Art Flanagan, Vice President, Communications, CASRO

Carl Fusco, Managing Director, Infosurv, Inc.

Pat Goodnight, Vice President, Client Development, Research Now

Matthew Hayes, President & CEO, Bernett Research

Lisa Hazen, Chief Operations Officer, Decision Analyst, Inc.

Scott Hierbaum, Chief Financial Officer, C+R Research

Sanne Krom, Managing Partner, GDCC

Sylvie Lacassagne

Christy Luquire, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration, Federated Sample

Michael McCrary, President, Federated Sample

Tyler McMullen, President, MarketVision Research

Frank Petruzzo, Vice President, Operations, CASRO

Sundara Rajan, Chief Executive Officer, Market Search India Private Limited

E. Wayne Renner,Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, G & S Research, Inc.

Jeffrey Resnick, Global Managing Director, ORC International

David N. Richardson, Partner, Artemis Strategy Group

David A. Rothstein, CEO, RTi Research

Gary Schwebach, Principal, G & S Research, Inc.

Nicole Symelidis, Vice President, Membership and Planning, CASRO

George Terhanian,North American President and Group Chief Strategy Officer, Toluna

Jason Thomas, Chief Control Officer, Decision Analyst, Inc.

Mauricia Wills, Vice President, Decision Analyst, Inc.

– sponsored by Federated Sample

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