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John Bremer,
Chief Research Officer, Toluna; Co-Chair, 2013 CASRO Online Research Conference

John joined Toluna as Chief Research Officer in April 2011. Before joining Toluna, he served as Chief Research Officer at Compete, Inc., a Kantar Media company. Prior to working at Compete, John worked for Harris Interacti ve. His work has consisted of research into all areas of representativeness. He has specialized, however, in areas of non-probability sampling, rare populations, selection bias and online survey research. He is most well known for having developed the proprietary propensity score weighting technique utilized by Harris, as well as producing successful election forecasts in the US in 2000-2008 an in the UK in 2005-2010. In addition, he co-directed the Harris Center for Innovation. Previously, John was a senior research assistant to Dr. James Heckman, specializing in selection bias issues. Projects John worked on were cited in awarding Professor Heckman the 2000 Nobel Prize in Economics. John was also a research associate at the advertising agency DDB Needham in their Analyti cal Resources Group. John received his BAs in statistics, mathematical economic analysis and public policy from Rice University. He was awarded an MS in statistics from the University of Chicago. Later John returned to the University of Chicago to obtain his MBA. He was awarded an MA and an ABD in political science from the University of Rochester.

Jamie Baker-Prewitt, Senior Vice President, Director of Decision Sciences, Burke, Inc.
Jamie's experience as a research consultant spans a wide variety of industries and a broad range of business issues. She is a seminar leader for the Burke Institute and a speaker at industry conferences, including events sponsored by CASRO, AMA, SPSS, IIR, and ASQ. Jamie has published papers in Quirk's Marketing Research Review and the CASRO Journal. Jamie serves on Burke's Board of Directors, Burke's senior management committee, Burke's R&D committee, and various other ad hoc management teams. She is a past president of the AMA Marketing Research Council, and is Chair of the Advisory Board for the Masters of Science in Marketing Research program at the Universit y of Texas at Arlington. Jamie is also a member of the American Psychological Association. She holds Ph.D. and MS degrees in social psychology from the University of Kentucky and a BA in psychology from Ohio University.

Kevin Lattery, Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Maritz Research Inc.

Kevin is responsible for managing the marketing sciences department and for training and application development of new statistical techniques. His team of directors determines methodology, develops and executes the most difficult multi-variate analyses, and helps with presentations of results to clients. His experience covers all areas of marketing research from multi-variate statistical techniques to SAS programming to developing custom applications for Discrete Choice Modeling, Latent Class Loyalty Drivers, Partial Least Squares, and Perceptual Mapping. Kevin has taught college courses in Mathematics, Logic, and Scientific Reasoning. Kevin earned his M.A. in Mathematics from UC Berkeley, and his Ph.D. in Science Studies from the University of Minnesota.

Gregg Peterson, Senior Vice President, Research Operations, Market Strategies International
Gregg leads research operations at Market Strategies, providing strategic and tactical leadership of the survey programming, sampling, data collection, data processing and partner management functions. He also provides thought leadership on research methods and best practices. His article, "What we can learn from Unintentional Mobile Respondents,” was recently published in the CASRO Journal following his presentation at the CASRO Technology Conference in June 2012.
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