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The rush to optimize data collection on mobile devices continues. Issues such as survey content and structure, device variation, geo-location, inclusion in multi-mode studies, and many others continue to prompt discussion and new research. These three presentations are based upon research papers selected by an objective committee of expert practitioners and presented at the 2013 CASRO Online Research Conference.

"Mobile Research Risk: What Happens to Data Quality When Respondents Use a Mobile Device for a Survey Designed for a PC”

With the rise of smartphone ownership, some respondents find it convenient to take surveys on a mobile device despite researchers' expectation that survey completion will occur on a computer. This "unintentional” mobile data collection can produce survey rendering problems that make it difficult for respondents to complete surveys. This presentation offers results of an experiment to determine how data quality and other survey measures differ based upon the device used to complete the survey and whether steps were taken to optimize the survey for the data collection mode. Importantly, this research involved random assignment of respondents to different data collection devices, allowing any observed differences to be attributable largely to the data collection method itself, and not to characteristics of respondents choosing a particular data collection device.

"Optimizing Surveys for Smartphones: Maximizing Response Rates While Minimizing Bias”

Respondents use smartphones to take non-mobile designed online surveys in increasingly greater numbers each year. This raises many questions about survey design, which will be addressed in this presentation. "Designing with mobile in mind” introduces creative elements in addition to traditional research design. This presentation will address maximizing response rates, especially in the arena of customer-supplied sample, as well as minimizing bias between the two modes of mobile and non- mobile. Perspective will be shared on how to optimize "look and feel” to reflect a brand, scales, format adaptation and whether to design for a specific device.


  • Kevin Lattery, Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Maritz Research Inc.
"Solving the ‘Unintentional' Mobile Challenge: Mobile Optimized or Mobile Friendly?”

We know that "unintentional” smart phone survey takers are different demographically and behaviorally and that their survey-taking experience is quite different from respondents who take surveys on PCs or other larger format devices. But we can't know the extent to which those observed differences are the result of who chooses to start a survey on a mobile device and to what extent they are driven by the device on which they choose to participate. This presentation addresses several key questions including: How does question presentation or the usability of a survey instrument impact results? Can we meaningfully combine data from mobile and non-mobile responders when they've each taken a survey optimized for their respective devices? Will a mobile-friendly design decrease drop-off s and survey lengths for smart phone responders?
  • Gregg Peterson, Senior Vice President, Research Operations, Market Strategies International

Moderated by
  • John Bremer, Chief Research Officer, Toluna; Co-Chair, 2013 CASRO Online Research Conference
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