Webinar: Utilizing Twitter for Research
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Twitter turned seven years old in March and continues to increase in popularity. 
While much of the information posted on Twitter is difficult to interpret without adequate context or knowledge about the user or issue, the sheer magnitude of users and Tweets has provided a wealth of information to researchers on important social topics.

Some researchers have approached the "mining” of Twitter data using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. Others, noting the lack of solid information about exactly who tweets and who does not, see Twitter as a non-representative source of information and have decided to ignore the data stream altogether.

This presentation will identify the strengths and weaknesses in utilizing Twitter for research, and how the advent of this social network is impacting traditional research approaches.

Attendees will learn:

  • About Twitter and who uses it,
  • The differences between Twitter and other social networking data,
  • How Twitter may be a useful resource for research,
  • The trade-offs involved in using social media data for research
  • Open source tools to read and process data from the Twitter pipe

An overview of the types of tools available, as well as current text analytic techniques and
limitations, will be covered.

Ideal For: Practitioners interested in Twitter data and incorporating it into their research.

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Non Members: $135

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Our P

Carol Haney, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Toluna
Carol is a thought leader in the intersection between social media and structured survey-based data collection. She was the thought leader behind Harris Interactive's Research Lifestreaming, a panelist-based approach to social media monitoring. At Harris, Carol was Vice President of Public Affairs & Policy and developed solutions for clients such as the CDC, HHS, and others. She has held management positions at SPSS and NORC at the University of Chicago. At NORC, she developed a speedy mechanism for pulling and marking area probability sample from the national U.S. Census frame. Carol was an expert reviewer for CASRO's social media research guidelines.

Joe Murphy, Survey Methodologist and Director of Program on Digital Technology, RTI International
Joe has more than 15 years of experience researching the causes and solutions for issues related to survey quality and managing survey projects. His research focuses on the implementation of new data collection processes, new data sources, and analytic techniques to maximize data quality, increase response, and reduce costs. His recent work has been centered on data sources and techniques such as Internet search patterns, social media data analysis (e.g., Twitter), data visualization, crowdsourcing, and social research in virtual worlds.



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