Your Privacy Policy - A Checklist for Market Research Firms
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To many, a privacy policy is that tiny link hiding out in the footer of a website or a pop-up screen you blankly stare at before clicking "Accept”. For companies engaged in market research, however, privacy policies are an essential document – one that can provide valuable assurances to research participants and an effective shield against regulation.

This webinar will provide guidance on how your company can craft a comprehensive, well-worded privacy statement that provides needed transparency and the groundwork for appropriate accountability.

Get tips to ensure that your privacy statement addresses all necessary areas and hear more about the importance of standing behind your privacy policy by ensuring that promised procedures are being implemented. Compliance with relevant laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), and the EU Data Protection Directive will also be discussed.

Having an effective privacy policy is about more than posting a clear statement on your website. Understand what a privacy policy needs to be and how it can provide a useful framework for how your company handles its data and communicates its responsibilities to research participants, clients and regulators.

Presented by:

Abby Devine, Director of Government and Public Affairs, CASRO

Abby works with CASRO General Counsel Duane Berlin, the association's GPA committee, and the CASRO team to advocate on behalf of CASRO members and the entire U.S. research industry. She also is working on CASRO’s U.S. Safe Harbor program. Abby’s background is in law, legislative and regulatory affairs, and public policy. Prior to joining CASRO, she was an Associate at Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel, P.C., a New York law firm. Abby earned a bachelor’s degree in international politics and economics from Middlebury College, and received her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.

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