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Conference Speaking Submission

Interested in presenting at a CASRO conference?  We accept proposals for presentations on many different topics.  If you wish to submit something for consideration, review the information below and submit your proposal to us.

You will receive an acknowledgment by email that we have received your submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, contact us by telephone at 631-928-6954.

Submitting Your Proposal  

Please provide a one- or two-page synopsis of the proposal using the following layout:

1. Title of presentation.

2. Summarized description of topic (75-100 words).

3. Proposed presenter(s), including company affiliation, role and a 100-word bio for each presenter.

5. Name of CASRO Conference you wish to present at.

Note: if your proposal is accepted we require that the proposed presenter(s) remain unchanged. Include all of the above information in one document (Word or PDF format). Note: the committee will only review the one document submitted. Do not include web or video links in your document.

If your proposal is selected you will be asked to present a 20- to 30-minute (depending on the session) presentation at a conference. Presentations may also be considered for inclusion in the CASRO Journal. We will contact you if your work has been selected and if additional information is required.

Note- a registration fee may apply.  All travel and hotel room costs accrue to the presenter(s).


We will only contact you if the committee wishes to include your presentation at a conference.


Thank you. 

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